The website of Ron Montero was another project that I have the pleasure of co-produce with Lovers not Haters. When working on the this website, there was a section on the design with a large horizontal layout. This was used to explain the historic line of the company. I consider this section was the most exiting feature about the project.

It is the common Websites experience to flow vertically only, no one likes to have to use a horizontal scroller, it just fells weird. Therefore any horizontal representation as this one, requires more work to flow naturally within a website.

This pen shows a simple example of how to pull this on, using the CSS position sticky (different from how it was implemented on the ronmontero website for combability reasons).

See the Pen Horizontal Scroll by Adolfo Reyna ((???)) on CodePen.

Lather on, I'll could see these idea used in other websites, such as Apple, for the iPad pro.